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Hi Soup,

Like many of you, I was educated, inspired, healed & tickled with hope by the work of Soul Shoppe at Soup 2019. Like many of you, I was welcomed, humbled & held without judgement by Soul Shoppe in last night's sharing. I've also had the amazing fortune to have Soul Shoppe people in my classroom, working with my students to really see themselves & see each other. From this foundation, my students create social change projects to build a more just, equitable & down right humane high school.
Soul Shoppe is a deep breath of fresh air. SoulShoppe is a balm for tender hearts. SoulShoppe is a rallying cry for world peace.
And here's where you can come in! Please join me in celebrating Soul Shoppe's 20-year anniversary by making a donation to Soul Shoppe. No donation is too small. This year of pandemic & virtual school has been brutal on school-based non-profits like Soul Shoppe, so no donation is too large, either. My personal goal is for Soup to raise $1000.
Soul Shoppe changes lives & communities. Aren't we damn lucky to be part of this?!